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Window Hosting

Window Hosting Features

Windows Hosting Services offered by VMS PVT LTD - We host all your Email Accounts on SmarterMail 16.x Enterprise Email Server. Our Windows Hosting features includes Free SSL Certificate, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft IIS 10 Web Server, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 4.8, ASP.NET 3.5, MS SQL 2016, Remote SQL Server Management. Our Windows Hosting Plans are pre optimized for WordPress Website Hosting.

WWindows Hosting appropriate for all those who are planning to have a website in , C#. Microsoft Development tools has always been seen as a faster GUI Development kit and liked by many programmer that is why despite the high licensing cost comparison to Linux , the windows users are increasing day by day.

Window hosting is the most popular reselling hosting plans which is popular and majorly used by many Web Designers, Web Developers and Web Hosting Companies. The reason for popularity is that most of the web hosting companies use WHM (Web Host Manager) Window Control Panel for managing (Create/Suspend/Terminate/Upgrade) client hosting accounts.

When you create any hosting account for any domain from WHM it automatically create cPanel Control Panel for your clients domain. You may provide this cPanel Control Panel username and password to your clients for managing their hosting resources such as web hosting plan, creation of email accounts, uploading of files, Creating Databases and running MySQL Command from inbuit.

All our Windows Hosting comes with Website Panel with latest versions. User can choose which version is required and the same is updated very quickly.

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